We have a variety of Pirate themed game shows for your group's entertainment!


We bring specialized Pirate themed game show entertainment to bring laughter to appreciative audiences!

With years of movies and popular pulp novels, Pirates have long been part of pop culture and are universally understood for having fun and enjoyment. Despite the harsh reality of piracy, Pirates as characters are extremely popular as a myth and it is this stylized version of Pirates, as opposed to the actual buccaneers, that we use in our entertainment, activity and training programs.

Perfect for corporate events, private parties and public shows, it's important to remember that we are working to have your people enjoy a fun escape from reality while imagining breaking away and sailing the high-seas without answering to anyone!


These are just a few of the game shows that might be played. We can perform any of the below or customize new ones to your group.

The Best Pirate Wins

We whittle through your group to determine the best Pirate of the group.


Teams rotate through a series of Pirate themed games accumulating points to compete with other teams.

pirate game show

Minute To Win It

Individuals are challenged to compete in small physical games competing head-to-head!

Audience Olympiad

The audience is divided into 2 to 3 teams. Each team chooses members to compete in games in front of the audience.

Reach out to us to discuss the different possibilities that we can bring to help your group. We look forward to hearing from you and making something positive happen.

We can perform these events around the country in general as well as more "Pirate-centric" locations such as Key West, Miami, Tampa, St. Augustine, New Orleans, Galveston, Padre Island, etc. We can also produce shows in the Caribbean on various islands as well as in Mexico and Latin America. Simply contact us to find out about whether we can come to your locations.


Email us at or call 866.219.4386 to learn more about working with our team.

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