You might ask yourself, "Why should I use Pirates for my comedy?"

This page has been created to explain how Pirates can be exactly what you are looking for.

Why Pirates are a Good Idea

With years of movies and popular pulp novels, Pirates have long been part of pop culture and are universally understood for having fun and enjoyment. Some of the greatest movie stars are known for their swashbuckling roles. Dustin Hoffman, Donald Sutherlad, Eddie Izzard, Geena Davis, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Tim Curry, and Errol Flynn, have all taken to the high seas.

There's even an International Talk Like a Pirate Day that falls on September 19th every year. Perfectly normal people talk like pirates and get everyone laughing together. This doesn't happen on accident. It's a fun character to play and allows people to come out of their shells.

  1. EXTREME CHARACTERS - they are fun characters to play and definitely stand out from the regimented society that we have.
  2. FREEDOM - they represent freedom and the ability to not be tied down by the moral and ethical society that we come from.
  3. THE OPEN SEA - they head out and can see all the way to the horizon with no one else around.
  4. SWAGGER - Pirates walk with a confidence and swagger that most people never really get to experience in the own lives.

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